Land Owners


Solar Conserves projects transform economically underutilized land into a clean energy source that meet long term energy needs. Benefits to land owners include predictable yearly income with no overhead costs, maintenance or responsibility. Long, generous lease terms mean landowners can rely on their land to be a source of healthy passive income while preserving land ownership for future generations.

Does your land meet the following criteria?

  • 7 -150 usable acres
  • Proximity to utility substation and three phase power
  • Limited wetlands/floodplains
  • No known endangered species habitat
  • Relatively Flat

Let's Meet

Our company oversees all compliance with zoning and permitting. During the analysis and development phases we will handle the engineering studies, solar site planning, permits with city, county, and state. Once the project moves into the construction phase, you'll start to get paid.

No Cost

There is no cost to you for our services. Once the contract has ended, we decommission the site, remove the solar panels and restore the land to its original condition. This is a great opportunity for you to generate income from your unused land.

We assume any tax liability and send you a check for the land. Many property owners are paying taxes on unused land, and you can make money from these spaces.

Solar Panels