We try to anticipate questions you might have about our PRODUCT / SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to mike@solarconserves.com 

Q: What is the cost to the landowner? 

A: With the exception of legal fees for reviewing of contracts and setting up family trusts if necessary, all cost is provided by the solar developer. 

Q: How long are the contracts?
A: There are two contracts that will need to be signed. The first one is called " Letter of Intent" (LOI). The LOI only last for 60-90 days. The second contract is called " Land Lease Option and Lease Agreement". This contract will last for 25 years with up to (4) five year extensions.

Q: What is the difference between the (LOI) and the full " Land lease Option and Lease Agreement?"
A: The "Letter of Intent" (LOI) essentially gives the solar developer the permmision to represent the land. There is alot that goes into a large solar farm and many entities (PUC, Eng firms) won't start investagating on the lands behalf without an agreement between the landowner and developer. The "Land lease Option and Lease Agreement" lays out the exact terms and layout of the array and binds both parties into a project.

Q: Who maintains the site over the life of the contract?
A: The solar developer is responsible for all maintenance and site work within the designated area being leased from the land owner. This includes but not limited to fence repair, mowing of grass, repairing or replacing arrays. All of this is laid out in the binding contract.

Q: Will there be a fence surrounding the project area?
A: Yes, national electric code and most insurance carriers require fencing around the entire project. There have been exceptions made when unique situations arise.

Q: How will maintenance personnel access the worksite?
A: There is language within the contract which specifically allows maintenance personnel access to and from the designated area.

Q: Can I sell my property after I signed a lease for the next 20 to 40 years?
A: Absolutely, some landowners actually agree to the project knowing they plan on selling the land. In most cases it adds value to the selling price due to the fact the land has guaranteed income.

Q: What will my land look like after the expiration of the contract?
A: There is language in the contract that specifically covers the removal of all equipment and panels at the expiration of the contract.